TRX 14 ft Multi Mount

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TRX MultiMount is a sturdy, industrial-grade steel, wall mounted pull-up bar. It enables you to expand small group training volume, maximize space savings, provide more room for pull-ups and muscle-ups, and make more money for your club.

TRX14 ft Multi-Mount (6 users)

**Comes with TRX straps**

Perfect for workout facilities where room is tight. Capacity to support up to 6 TRX Suspension Trainers, the TRX Multi-mount is the perfect way to integrate TRX Training into your facility. Designed for Suspension Training, this sturdy, industrial-grade steel, wall mounted pull-up bar comes in 7 feet increments, enabling you to train more people in less space. An ideal destination for pull-ups and hanging exercises. The MultiMount can also support heavy bags and overhead storage for exercise balls.

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