How are you able to offer such amazing prices on professional commercial gym equipment?

At Colorado Cardio, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality equipment that money can buy, while simultaneously drastically reducing the purchase prices for consumers. We achieve this through our unique business model and superior professional restoration process. By completely renewing lightly used commercial equipment and offering extended warranty and maintenance options, we can guarantee that an equipment purchase will endure years of use and be protected for years to come.

How do I purchase equipment from Colorado Cardio?

Colorado Cardio takes the hassle out of buying gym equipment. Purchasing your own professional gym equipment is as simple as four steps.

  1. Choose Your Equipment
  2. Reserve Your Equipment
  3. Take Delivery of Your Equipment
  4. Pay For Your Equipment

While all Colorado Cardio equipment is available to all Colorado customers, each location may carry a slightly different selection. You are encouraged to visit our stores in person to see examples of the quality and cleanliness of our equipment after it has undergone our restoration process. Depending on the piece of equipment and availability, your equipment may be delivered from our Fort Lupton warehouse. Please see the Delivery section for more information.

Additionally, through our website, you can view and reserve available equipment across all three Colorado Cardio locations. For a small reservation fee, Colorado Cardio will reserve the equipment for you until you are able to take delivery and complete payment. After 14 days, the item will be returned to stock availability for purchase by another customer.

Why is my equipment delivered before I pay for it?

The majority of all equipment sold by Colorado Cardio is much too large to be picked up by our customers themselves (although some strength equipment is available for immediate purchase in each location). Because of this, we offer full delivery and setup installation on all major equipment purchases for a flat fee of $250.

Our professional equipment delivery team unloads the equipment at the customer’s location, provides complete setup and installation in the desired internal location, and collects the remainder of the purchase payment. Before we leave, you will have a completely functional piece of commercial gym equipment that is ready for immediate use.

On delivery, should you be unhappy with the equipment or installation for any reason, our team will remove the equipment from the location and you will not be charged, less the delivery fee.

How is the equipment that Colorado Cardio sells different from other “pre-owned” equipment I can find online?

At Colorado Cardio, we understand the roller coaster of emotions that come along with expanding your home gym with a new piece of equipment, only to have it break down soon after purchase. To prevent this for our customers, we offer a number of safeguards against equipment failure, and offer the highest standards and most robust guarantees among similar retailers.

First, we only source equipment from only the best manufacturers in the professional gym industry. The quality difference between the finest commercial equipment and most home equipment is more than noticeable. Stop by one of our stores (or take note next time you’re at the gym) and experience the difference for yourself.

Second, our restoration process is second to none. All equipment is refurbished at the Fort Lupton warehouse. For more in-depth information, please visit the Restoration Process page. All treadmills include brand new belts with new running surfaces on the deck.

Finally, we stand by every piece of equipment we sell. In fact, Shane PERSONALLY TESTS EVERY TREADMILL by running a 5K session on every treadmill following restoration (but before cleaning).

Each major equipment purchase comes with a one-year standard warranty, with the opportunity to extend for up to three years for $100 additional per year. Additionally, maintenance service contracts are also available, and provide customers the opportunity to have the machine renewed and evaluated each quarter to keep it in peak performance condition.

What equipment do you recommend for ____________?

At Colorado Cardio, we support your health and fitness, no matter your goals. Whether you want to lose a little weight, build strength, or train for the next Bolder Boulder, we can recommend the right equipment that will get you where you want to be.

Please contact us for equipment and program recommendations that will set you up for success.


At Colorado Cardio, we try to make your gym equipment experience as smooth as possible. Is there a specific piece of equipment you’re looking for? How could we improve our service? We’d love to hear from you!

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