FreeMotion Squat

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The Free Motion Squat targets muscles in the lower body and core. Functionally trains the muscles of the legs and trunk to work together and builds stabilizer muscle strength to protect hip, knee and ankle joints.


  • Contoured Platform – Unique platform design enables users to maintain correct ankle alignment and is textured to ensure stable foot placement.
  • Shoulder Pads – Contoured shoulder pads swivel and slide to comfortably fit a wide variety of users.
  • Weight Carriage – Backrest design helps users to maintain proper form and is counterbalanced for easy positioning.
  • Handbrake Release – Hand release disengages the weight stack for safe, easy entry and exit of the machine.
  • Weight Engagement – Weight carriage ratchets down and engages the weight stack when the user begins exercise.
  • Weight: 996 lbs
  • Dimensions: 94″ L x 42″ W x 73″ H

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