There is no better time to begin working toward improving your body, your life or your happiness.

The Body can help you in those pursuits! We have 60+ years of combined experience not only at training the human body, but reducing pain, restoring posture and function. Our Team has chosen to work together based on our belief that it is impossible to separate body, mind and spirit.  We approach our partnerships with our clients to address “the body = the physical structure and substance of a living being, a person.”

Besides a full compliment of fitness equipment,  offers other services to help in achieving your health and fitness goals.

The Body provides the very best in the field of personal training and fitness coaching. With 20+ years experience, it is a rarity to find anyone in this field with that kind of longevity or experience. Personal Training includes:

  • Functional assessment and recommendation when dealing with pain
  • Weight Loss and Gain programs based on healthy methods, no fad diets here!
  • Athletic conditioning for individual athletes or entire teams and programs.
  • Free assessments and body composition testing!

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