Create a Gym for the Community That Stands Up to Any Big Box Gym!

Many Colorado cities have been at the forefront of bringing highly valuable health and fitness services to their citizens through the development operation of Public Recreation Centers. These comprehensive centers provide a wide variety program services including swim sports and safety programs, fitness centers, gymnastics programs, senior citizen services, after-schools programs, and all manner of team sports activities for all age groups. With no restrictive membership fees or dues and very reasonably priced services, public recreation centers have become highly popular and valuable community resources.

Recreation Centers are publicly financed and live by tight budgets, which many times do not allow for the replacement of heavily used, outdated or worn-out fitness equipment. Colorado Cardio has been offering its professionally refurbished gym equipment to these centers for many years with great success. Being able to purchase near new, professional grade gym equipment and 70% of retail prices has allowed the centers to continue to offer community member high-quality and reliable gym equipment without breaking the budget. Contact us today to see how other Colorado communities are improving the quality of their Rec Centers’ fitness equipment.

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Highest Quality Equipment Without Breaking the Budget

Knowing that today’s recreation center visitors require modern, up-to-date, and reliable workout machines, Colorado Cardio enables recreation center managers to procure top quality commercial fitness products at a fraction of the retail cost of new equipment.

Heavy Duty Construction
Colorado Cardio provides high-end commercial equipment that's meant to withstand heavy use by community members.
Modern and Easy to Use
With intuitive digital interfaces and touchscreens on many models, the majority of users will not need any help at all getting started with their workout.
Big Box Gym Equipment in the Community
Commercial equipment from the same brands used by the big gym down the street, but much more convenient and less expensive for the members of your community!

Worry-Free Warranty and Maintenance

To ensure that you provide your community with the highest quality workout experience, your exercise equipment must not have extended downtime. Colorado Cardio provides warranties on each refurbished piece of equipment, including one-, two-, and three-year warranty options to keep each machine running smoothly. Most times, this is equal to or better than the original manufacturer’s warranties for new commercial equipment. Additionally, with available regular service plans, Colorado Cardio takes the worry out of gym maintenance.