Keep the Entire Department in Peak Physical Shape for Duty – For Less!

A key component to police and fire department officers’ effectiveness and fitness for duty is for them to be in top physical condition. Many departments offer on-site methods for these critical public servants to get high-impact physical exercise they require on a regular basis. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, many agencies must rely on outdated, donated, heavily used, and unreliable gym equipment for their safety personnel.

Colorado Cardio supplies our local police and fireman departments commercial grade equipment from top manufacturers, at deep discounts (70%) from retail prices. Our professionally refurbished equipment is fully warrantied to ensure there is virtually no “down time” with the equipment. We understand the importance of these dedicated professionals and strive to provide these men and woman the tools they require to maintain a healthy lifestyle while performing their serious duties. Contact us today to get a quote to replace your existing on-site gym equipment. We can remove old equipment and replace it with our top-quality equipment in a matter of days.

Talk to a Colorado Cardio representative to learn more about the package discounts that provide even greater savings!

Highest Quality Equipment Without Breaking the Budget

Knowing that today’s emergency responders require modern, up-to-date, and reliable workout machines to stay at peak job performance, Colorado Cardio enables fire stations and police departments to procure top quality commercial fitness products at a fraction of the retail cost of new equipment.

Heavy Duty Construction
Colorado Cardio provides high-end commercial equipment that's meant to withstand heavy use by first responders.
Modern and Easy to Use
With intuitive digital interfaces and touchscreens on many models, the majority of users will not need any help at all getting started with their workout.
Big Box Gym Equipment at the Station
Commercial equipment from the same brands used by the big gym down the street, but directly on-site at the fire station or police department!

Worry-Free Warranty and Maintenance

To ensure that first responders have the highest quality workout experience, this exercise equipment must not have extended downtime. Colorado Cardio provides warranties on each refurbished piece of equipment, including one-, two-, and three-year warranty options to keep each machine running smoothly. Most times, this is equal to or better than the original manufacturer’s warranties for new commercial equipment. Additionally, with available regular service plans, Colorado Cardio takes the worry out of gym equipment maintenance.