Technogym Half Rack Pure Strength

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Half rack is a weightlifting equipment designed for strength training exercises, providing a sturdy and stable frame for performing various compound lifts such as squats, bench presses, and overhead presses. Half racks offer a safer alternative to full-power racks while still providing sufficient support and stability for heavy lifting. They are popular in both commercial gyms and home setups for building muscle strength and mass effectively.


  • Dimensions: 55″ L by 60″ W by 95″ H
  • Weight: 475 Lbs.
  • J hooks
  • Spotter Arms
  • 2 foldable platforms help the user reach the chin up handles and accommodate spotter assistance
  • Multi-angle chin handles and dip handles
  • Dip handle attachments
  • Weight Storage
  • Bar Storage

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