Le Tour France iFit Touch Spin Bike with incline

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Freemotion has captured all the excitement and expertise associated with Tour de France official race and put it into one highly-efficient machine. The technology in this bike is unmatched – iFit® allows the user to create any route in the world which is then simulated through the incline and decline function.

  • The Tour de France bike accommodates a wide variety of users. The saddle and handlebars feature patented adjustment knobs that make horizontal and vertical adjustments for proper road geometry.
  • The TDF bike is one of the most maintenance-friendly bikes on the market. The magnetic resistance system, carbon belt, rust-resistant aluminum frames and hidden stainless steel hardware make it easy to clean and maintain, without the need for replacement parts.
  • The high-res, touch screen console gives riders multiple screen options. iFit uploads and tracks personal workout data, and Google Maps provides an endless supply of real-time, interactive routes to keep the ride exciting.
  • Weight: Capacity 350 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 57 x 24 x 51.5 in
  • Product: Weight 133.6 lbs
  • Incline

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